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Let’s Create a Better Food Supply-Chain

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Weekly Live Burn.
Weekly Live Lottery.
Food Charity Donations.
Real-World Pilot Programs Underway to Create a Sustainable and Decentralized (Micro-Grid Farming) Food Supply Chain with Regionally partnered Food Banks, Food Kitchens, Restaurants, Food Manufacturers, and Grocery Stores.
Staking Rewards.
Peech NFTs.


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Join Our Mission

PEECH was created as a charitable meme token that is on a mission to help solve world hunger. To start, we are donating to food charities like Feed the Streets, helping manage local food drives, and are working actively to deploy a pilot program for a food kitchen in Puerto Rico, USA, as well as sustainable smart-pod farming.

The PEECH team is dedicated to helping take on the global issue of food shortages and food supply-chain issues that will face our planet for the foreseeable future.

Our loyal PEECH holders and community are the lifeblood of our longterm mission, and we give back to them as well. Regularly, we will go live on YouTube to burn coins and give back to a random lucky $PEECH holder.

Join Our Community

Join us on Telegram. We’re a thriving community of friendly crypto enthusiasts. It’s also where we release our updates first.


Once per week we go live on our YouTube channel and use a verifiable randomization platform (random.org) to determine which percentage of the giveaway wallet we will give away. Whichever percentage the randomizer chooses will be the amount we will give away and the amount we will burn. With a cap of 2.5% to giveaway and burn, this is a new fun and interactive way to do the burn/redistribution.

We’re only on the Ethereum network as $PEECH.

25% Pre-sale

25% of the supply was allocated in a fair pre sale to raise funding for the project.

20% Locked for Weekly Giveaway/Burn

25% of the supply is allocated into wallets locked on Trustswap.org, used for the giveaway/burn events and charity donations.

20% Locked for Development/Marketing

15% of the supply is allocated into wallets locked on Trustswap.org, used for development/marketing and are never unlocked at the same time.

Not Just Deflationary

Giveaway/burn events will be held once per week to determine how much Peech will be burnt and given away to one lucky Peech holder.


1 Trillion total supply
No transaction tax
25% Pre-sale
20% Locked for Weekly Giveaway/Burn
20% Locked for Development/Marketing

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1 Billion total supply
14% buy/sell tax
* 4% to Sustainable ETH Lottery
* 4% Auto PEECH Buyback
* 2% Auto Liquidity
* 2% Auto Burn
* 2% Dev/Marketing

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In App token used for PEECH & CREEM

What is CREEM?

CREEM is the second token in the PEECH ecosystem and serves an important part of the project. Supplying the CREEM holders with a sustainable weekly lottery paid out in Ethereum is just one of the entertainment factors of the project as a whole.

With the release of the PEECH gameshow application arriving in Q2 2022, CREEM will be spent in app to recieve important perks to increase your chances at winning.

The CREEM weekly lottery is an autonomous feature in the smart contract that will reward one lucky holder a max of 0.25 ETH and an additional winner for every 0.25 ETH accumulated. This feature is not reliant on consistent trading volume but rather total trading volume from day 1, even in weeks of low trading volume, the weekly lottery will continue to grow.

CREEM also directly compliments the price of the main token PEECH as there is a 4% buyback feature which will burn those purchased tokens immediately after the confirmed transaction.

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How To Buy


Step 1: Download Metamask

Set up wallet and fund it with Ethereum. Make sure to have extra gas for fees.

Step 2: Login to Uniswap

Connect your metamask wallet on the top right corner.

Step 3: Add PEECH token

The PEECH token will not come up on its own. You will need to use the token address to add it. Copy and paste the token address below.


Step 4: Swap ETH for PEECH

You’re now ready to swap! Choose how much ETH you would like to swap for PEECH. Make sure to have enough ETH for gas fees. Adjust the slippage to 5%.


Step 5: Add to Metamask

Once the swap is confirmed, go back to your Metamask Wallet. Click “Add Token” and enter the token address below.


Road Map

Q1: Mar 2021

✔︎ Launch on Uniswap V2
✔︎ Social Platforms
✔︎ Blockfolio Listing
✔︎ Community Contest
✔︎ Techrate Audit
✔︎ CoinGecko Listing
✔︎ CoinMarketCap Listing

Q2: Apr – June 2021

✔︎ First Burn/Lotto: 10 Billion $PEECH
✔︎ First Charity Donation
✔︎ Revamped Website 2.0
✔︎ Approach Partnerships
✔︎ Merchandise & Shop

Q3: July – Sept 2021

✔︎ $CREEM Launch
✔︎ Tiered System Development
✔︎ Start $PEECH App Development

Q4: Oct – Dec 2021

✔︎ Merchandise Giveaways
✔︎ Feed The Streets Charity Event
✔︎ $PEECH App Beta

Q1: JAN – MAR 2022

◯ PEECH App Launch
◯ PEECH NFT Launch
◯ Relaunch PEECH Contract v2
◯ Relaunch CREEM Contract v2

Q2: APR – JUNE 2022

◯ Global Food Drive Event Announcement
◯ Food Production Partnerships

Q3: JULY – SEPT 2022

◯ Puerto Rico Food Drive Event
◯ Meta Partnership Announcement
◯ PEECH App v2

Q4: OCT – DEC 2022

◯ Feeding Goals Announcement
◯ Global Disaster Recovery Announcement
◯ PEECH Faucets
◯ Tokenized Memberships


PEECH – Official Peachtronaut T-shirt

PEECH – To The Moon Sticker

PEECH – Official Moon Peach Tree T-shirt

Our Team

Managing Partner

Jay West

Managing Partner

Chase Gassert


Cam Carter

The PEECH Community


Adam Drex


​Hollywood Vine Group


Hollywood Vine Group

Roomful.net Metaverse


Shania Kids Can

Feed The Streets

Coming Soon


What is Peech?

Peech is a deflationary token. There will never be more peech in circulation than there is now. The token burn/redistribution happens twice per week in a fun livestream event on our YouTube channel.

What wallets support PEECH?

Any ERC-20 friendly wallet will support PEECH, for example Coinbase & Metamask are two.

Is my PEECH safe on Metamask or any other ERC-20 wallet?

Yes, but always remember to never show your private keys or your 12-word seed phrase to anyone, we will never ask for those details.

How am I eligible for the giveaway?

As long as you have held PEECH since the previous weekly giveaway and hold over $100 USD worth of PEECH, you are eligible for a the redistribution giveaway if it chosen to be one.

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